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Mini-kids 5 days (5x2h)


The sooner the better ! A playful and safe way of learning the basics and getting to know the ocean.

  • All levels
  • From monday to friday
  • 6 to 10 year old kids
  • Please contact us for off-seasons lessons (monday to friday)

Included :

  • 5 x 2H00 lessons ; an instructor who’s got a state-registered diploma.
  • A soft board : easy and safe.
  • A wetsuit.
  • Changing facilities and showers after the lesson.
  • FFS Licence and Public Liability Insurance.


Clear selection

For kids between 6 and 10 years old. The ultimate aim of this group is to guide kids step by step and make them become autonomous. These lessons allow your kid to get acquainted with surfing waves, discover the ocean and the coastline and have fun with other kids.

You need to show up 15 minutes before the beginning of the lesson, in order to suit up and get your equipment.

Surfing and Bodyboarding are intended for people who can at least swim 25 meters and dive (be able to put the head under water). Whatever your fitness and your level, your instructor will adapt and make sure you improve safely and step by step. Throughout your learning process, you will be given security instructions and priority rules, as well as individualized advice, to improve your technique and become more autonomous.
Our Surf Instructors are holders of the State-registered Surf Instructor Diploma and First-Aid Certificate. Each of them carries a security bag with first-aid equipment, a pair of flippers, a mobile phone, a flag to mark out your surf zone, and coloured lycras to identify your group.

Additional Information

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